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Xixas Averall's School Dormitory

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Xixas Averall's School Dormitory

Post by Xixas on Thu Oct 17, 2013 7:04 pm

Room Number: Room B243

Decor: Xixas keeps a simple room, verily decorated to his preferential taste. However, considering the limited past of custom imagination, Xixas chose to keep his dorm simple. The walls are painted silver, not gray or white, but silver. The sheets of his bed match the walls, while a large comforter is a dark velvet. Being the only real colour within the walls, his bed makes an eye-catching statement. The floor is casual carpet, just as silver as the walls. The window's curtain is a single drape, thick and pure white. Xixas has a wooden desk that he himself painted to match the walls, as the mismatched brown has uncomfortably displeasing to the eye, in his own opinion. The desk is beautifully carved, and is decorated by a small fountain, made to emulate a waterfall. Xixas has three small pillars around the room. One in the corner next to the desk, one near the door, and one near the bed. Each holding an incense Xixas usually keeps lit during his presence.

Privacy: Xixas has a simple lock on the inside and outside of the door, merely controlled by a switch lock inside, and a key in his wallet for the outside lock. His door is always unlocked when he is present.

Traffic: Very occasionally does Xixas have visitors. If anything, his visitors are limited to those in need of educational tutorials, or small favors that Xixas himself finds no actual need for his capabilities, over those of anyone else.


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Re: Xixas Averall's School Dormitory

Post by Edo Nakamura on Thu Oct 17, 2013 7:06 pm

Edo Nakamura

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