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Xixas Averall (Six)

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Xixas Averall (Six) Empty Xixas Averall (Six)

Post by Xixas on Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:52 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Xixas Averall
Age/Grade: 15/Freshman
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 153 lbs
Appearance: Xixas holds a masculine frame, scarcely visible through his constant veiling attire. His lanky body seemingly hiding the muscle on his body with length. From the early years of farm work, and the latter of construction. The strife of living shows itself in the form of scars, stretching across his arms and back, the history of these markings come in the form accidents, brawls, and challenging step-parents. Once he moved to the city, his habit of apparel drastically changed with the environment from ragged jeans, dirty shorts, and tank tops to a crisp, clean cut and stylish form of his mother's version of "proper dress". The farm clothes were traded for designer jeans, stylish button downs, and even the occasional suit.

Xixas has dark, oak hair that seems to fade to black during the Fall and Winter. His hair is the only part of him that's stayed true to the farm. Messy, kinky, and a ravaged to barely a degree of style. His eyes are a stately silver, the pigments of blue, green, and brown conform within his irises to present a tanned hazel, the silver only seeming to appear on the gloomiest of days.

Relations: A step-father, a step-mother, and a genetic mother. As well as a step-brother and sister.

Sexuality: Xixas is heterosexual, but doesn't contain a lot of protruding hormones that dictate the average man. His respect for women, as well as his lack of knowledge on the matter of "sex" other than that of home school, keeps his mentality in check, almost seeming to be sexually abstinent.

Preferences: Xixas doesn't necessarily have any preferences in the form presented. He has seen all forms of women and men, and very rarely ever felt attracted to any of them, strictly being women, having no feelings romantically for the same sex. However, nothing ever grew beyond piqued interest, never arousal. Xixas read a library's worth during his time alive, and has always enjoyed the romance of the unique. Xixas believes there is someone for everyone in every sense, just as there's someone to enchant and potentially arouse him too. So, Xixas' preferences are those of the unique, that he has only seen in books.

Likes: Books, writing, baking, animals and nature, interesting/unique people.

Dislikes: Misunderstandings, mental blindness, cookie-cutter anything, weak will.

Back story:

History: Xixas, Six as his friends call him, is a stoic man. He was born in the mountains, raised on a farm until his early teens where he moved to live with his mother in the city. He was home schooled until fifteen, and there he started school. Xixas appears to be shy, but he has a good level of confidence. He doesn't speak quite often unless to one worth rambling to. He is intelligent, and adamant to a fault. Loyal, and has quite the soft spot for anyone to grab his interest. However, Xixas is easily identified by the staple smile on his face, grinning with confidence.

Xixas was born away from society, deep within a mountain range when his genetic parents were attempting to escape the world. Once he was born, his parents bought a farm miles from actual society, and here he was raised. When he was five, his father passed away from a terrible accident. After four years, his mother re-married to a horrible man, needing the money he could offer to provide for Xixas, and their family legacy. The step-father, was Xixas' uncle. Eventually, his uncle drove his mother away with his intending awful treatment, his wealth and corruption of society giving him precedence over little Xixas. His step-father married another woman, his uncle's first ex-wife, and brought his children to the farm. His uncle worked Xixas to the bone, with practically inhumane treatment for him. His step-siblings acted like brats to Xixas in their father's presence, being in the same age range as Xixas himself. But alone, they were all the best of friends. After much legal work, pleading, and several amounts of drama, Xixas moved to the city with his genetic mother at thirteen years old. Begrudgingly leaving his siblings behind, he lived with his mother. He obtained an under-the-counter construction job for his strength, and put it to good use to support them both. Now, two years later, he decided to attend public school. Here, a new chapter of Xixas' life is going to be written, and he couldn't be more curious.

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Xixas Averall (Six) Empty Re: Xixas Averall (Six)

Post by Kyouya L. Koga on Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:40 am

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Kyouya L. Koga
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