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Misaki Akatsuka's Dorm. C153

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Misaki Akatsuka's Dorm. C153 Empty Misaki Akatsuka's Dorm. C153

Post by Misaki Akatsuka on Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:00 pm

Misaki Akatsuka's Dorm. C153 Tumblr_lltlcgfLVz1qdr7pno1_500
Welcome, do you want to stay a while?

Room Number: C150

Decor: Misaki's Akatsuka's Decor is fully furnished which is meant to be enjoyed. His dorm is faintly large though he has enough money saved up to afford the rent. The dorm has a small stairway leading up to the upper part of his dorm, where it leads into his room as well as the bathroom. Is there a office up there as well, yes there is and his office is completely furnished just like the rest of his dorm. Baige colored walls with hard clearly new flooring really gives the dorm a very professional vibe. Misaki's office is the same color and flooring of the bottom of the stairs though it is completely covered by folders, papaers, and other important things.

Office- Completely furnished with baige colored walls and hard oak flooring. A desk large enough to hold his laptop and printer is also seen in the office. A black leather computer chair is infront of the laptop and underneath the desk is Misaki's small filing cabinet though it doesn't do much good to keep the papers at bay. This is where Misaki goes to check over homework as well as tests. Includes his editing for his summer job as well. The laptop is a navy blue with a white charger cable which he takes everywhere with him when he is in the dorm. The printer is only used when absoulutely needed to be used that being, him making important copies to copying the editing papers for the Publishing Company. This office has probably only one window with white curtians and a comfy couch which is right across from Misaki's desk.

Bookshelves, trashcan, a small radio, and a auto-pick up phone is also here. The auto pick-up phone places all messages into a recording system so whenever Misaki isn't in his dorm the phone picks up messages and replays them once Misaki hits the play button on its black frame.

Bathroom- a normal bathroom which fits Misaki's needs. The wall coloring is the same as the rest of his dorm though the flooring is a complete white with a rug inside.

Misaki's Bedroom- Within his room is a large king sized bed with one window inside of the room. The walls are the same color but his flooring is completely different being a full on rug floor setting of white. Misaki's sheets consists of the color pattern of navy blue and light blue finishing off with 4 white fluffy pillows. A closet and cabinet is also inside of his room. Misaki does have a window in his room but the curtains are always closed. Misaki also has a small wooden case with a see through glass to display his glasses which of course he has 4, a even number pair set.

Dowstairs- You can see everything while walking downstairs, a small kitchen as well as a small dining/ living area infront of a semi-large plasma tv with a perfect sounding system as well as a small set to hold his consoles and players in along with his dvds and movies. Games included. Having a dish network enables him to get pretty good channels. The lighting in the room is pretty good due to 4 large ceiling lights. A fan is placed in the corner of the room to keep the temperature normal as well as a coffee table right before a long booth like couch which completely could fit up to a lot of people. Also there is two recliners on each side of the couch. A few bookshelves are here along with a small step up upon entering to where you can get rid of your shoes. There is a wall phone in the kitchen which is completely white and it is cordless. A calender is always seen on the bottom step of the stairs in his dorm.

The kitchen is small but it has a lot of room to fit everything that he needs to make food. Microwave and oven are included as well as a dishwasher. Cabinets are here to to hold plates and other things as well such as cereal to canned goods. Every once in a while does he organize everything to make sure nothing is spoiled.

Oftenly Misaki takes his laptop everywhere with him. There are posters in his room as well as his office which are his favorite japanese band very well known as 'Gackt'. Sometimes when he has a lot of things to do will he stay downstairs and do everything much like he would do when he goes to his office. This may be a interesting show for he may lay in a bunch of papers having pains in his head to organizing and re-checking things. Clips, pencils, and pens may come to be scattered everything if he does come to stay downstairs.

This is sort of a detailed verson of his decor but I couldn't find any pictures to fit my interest.
Roommates: None.

Privacy: Misaki adores his privacy much more than the next guy so always when he leaves does he lock it.

Traffic: Not really does Misaki invite people over but whenever he has nothing to worry about will he let lose and actually relax but then they may lead to him inviting people only cause he wants to make friends. Sometimes will his dorm be spotless of any life but his own but sometimes will he invite people over. A lover of his is always welcome into his dorm and this includes friends. Students who need help with their homework are also always welcome, just be sure to knock first or tell him in advance so he can leave the door unlocked. This also applies to a lover or a very good friend.
Misaki Akatsuka
Misaki Akatsuka

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Misaki Akatsuka's Dorm. C153 Empty Re: Misaki Akatsuka's Dorm. C153

Post by Kyouya L. Koga on Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:20 am

Misaki Akatsuka's Dorm. C153 Approved
Kyouya L. Koga
Kyouya L. Koga

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