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Super Sonico's Room

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Super Sonico's Room Empty Super Sonico's Room

Post by Super Sonico on Sat Oct 19, 2013 8:07 pm

Room Number: A133

Decor: A large room that has striped pink wall paper with small red hearts and a blue carpet floor. Inside there is a queen sized bed with four pillows, two regular one's with blue pillow cases, and two smaller heart shaped ones that are red with pink frills. The bed also has a large thick quilted purple blanket on it to keep her warm. ( On the bed she has two stuffed animals on it. One is a light purple kitten and the other one is a pink tiger. She also keeps her guitar next to her bed where she feels it is the most protected as it his her most prized possession. )Next to the bed is a small table with a compartment in the middle of it, which on top she keeps a small glass of water, a plate of assorted cookies, and her alarm clock. She keeps her guitar pick,her journal, and her student ID inside inside the compartment. In the same part of the room she also has a closet with all of her clothes which she keeps locked due to some clothes she thinks is embarrassing. In another part of the room there is a round table painted blue that has folded down sides so that when you lift up the sides it forms a square shape so that  you can fit four at the table if needed, and blue chairs to go along with it. She also has a few cupboards, where she keeps snacks, cat food and treats, and medicine. She also has a small kitchen area where there is a small counter, with a stove, and oven underneath, a sink, a cupboard for her dishes and a toaster, as this is there area where she makes all her meals. She also has a mini fridge where she keeps the food for her meals  as well as some cold drinks and snacks like cake for  any guests that might come by. In the back of the room there is a bathroom with a blue tiled floor and blue striped wallpaper. Inside there is a shower/tub with dark purple shower curtains, with a white sink and toilet with toilet paper. There is also a small window above the shower/tub area. Above the sink there is a mirror which you can open to reveal a cabinet which has all of her girly hygiene things. Also next to her closet there is a small desk and chair, where she does all her homework and projects for school. On it she a has desk organizers, pens, loose leaf, her computer, and other desk accessories. Next to her bed she has a window with see through light blue curtains , as she is usually star gazing through it. Lastly in the part of the room that would be empty there is a scratching post and two kitty bowls, one filled with water, and the other with cat-food, There is also a litter box in the bathroom for her kitten Miyu. There is also a small pile of cat toys that Miyu usually plays with. Finally During class times Miyu is usually sleeping on the bed or playing with her toys waiting quietly for Sonico to return.   

Roommates: None

Privacy: She has a lock on it as well as a pass-code key swipe on the door so that no one can come in unless they have a  key card of if she let's them in by opening the door. There is also a sensor device that electrocutes anyone that pass through the door except her, and someone can only go through unless she turns the electrifier off.

Traffic: Due to her homework and shyness she has not made any friends nor does she have any family so she does not expect anyone to come by. Although she always keeps her room clean in case someone stops by.

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Super Sonico
Super Sonico

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Super Sonico's Room Empty Re: Super Sonico's Room

Post by Edo Nakamura on Sat Oct 19, 2013 8:31 pm

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Edo Nakamura
Edo Nakamura

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