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Mary "Higanbana" Ichijo

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Mary "Higanbana" Ichijo Empty Mary "Higanbana" Ichijo

Post by Mary "Iona" Ichijo on Fri Oct 18, 2013 7:51 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Mary "Higanbana" Ichijo
Age/Grade: 14/Freshman
Gender: Female
Height: 5"4
Weight: 93 lbs
Appearance: A fairly tall girl with peculiar red hair, pale skin and silver eyes, often ties her long hair in twintails (and likes brushing it a lot). She likes to dress up a lot, normally wearing frilly dresses or skirts, a bow and a few accessories.
Mary "Higanbana" Ichijo CLV8zXl

Relations: Her mother, her father and her brother though they're currently in another country

Sexuality: Straight. Couldn't care less about the opposite gender but once approached she becomes very shy opposite from her cool and elegant usual self.
Preferences: None in particular, doesn't really care about appearances, she cares about brains and personality
Likes: silence, books, the color red and black, music, and brushing her hair...(and cute things...)
Dislikes: troublesome, annoying, and stupid people/things

Back story:

A protected girl since birth, having come from a rich family didn't stop her from being kind to those around her. She was once spoiled rotten until the age of 6, but it was then that their company suffered financial problems and she was forced to study to be able to succeed the business, turned into a leader fit to her father's eyes she was feared and people stayed away from her, she learned a lot of things from her father which led her to being a bit anti-social and cold, always facing a book or studying more everytime possible. A few of her close friends introduced her to more people and made her more sociable and friendly and turned her to what she is now. A complete change from a heartless leader to a girl with an air that of a princess. She managed to raise their company up again by listening to people's opinions and hearing them out which helped them gather ideas for their company.

She wanted to go back to her (not so) normal life which led her to going overseas to study like a normal student. After traveling from country to country she decided to put a stop to it, she asked her parents if she could stay permanently in one place, specifically to be able to study in an elite academy, her parents happily let her go but when her plane landed she was sent to a different school, but nonetheless it was still a great one, maybe even better, she didn't bother to complain to her parents about it as she was content with her new school. Mary now walks the grounds of Whisper Academy aiming to make new memories and a fun highschool life.
Mary "Iona" Ichijo

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Mary "Higanbana" Ichijo Empty Re: Mary "Higanbana" Ichijo

Post by Hiro Saito on Fri Oct 18, 2013 11:22 am

Mary "Higanbana" Ichijo Approved-stamp1
Hiro Saito
Hiro Saito

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