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Malin Nalar

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Malin Nalar Empty Malin Nalar

Post by masorin on Sat Oct 15, 2011 3:36 am

Vital Statistics:

Name: Malin Nalar
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 6"3'
Weight: 180 lbs
Appearance: Malin Nalar Fire-emblem-gcn-20050422005211373_640w

Employment Qualities:Sadistic and strong... as well as a bachelors in physical education and English, teaches the wrestling team, and has been known to use intimidation and pain to keep order in his class. (also teaches English and sex ed for some reason) (also runs the archery team and turns out to be a crack shot with th e bow... not usually used in class)
Regularity: Full-time
Position(s): A teacher
Professionalism: Malin is an order freak. his office is cleaned to the point of habit, and to many people he seems very strict. this isn't however professionalism so much as the fact that Malin is an ice king keeping everything at a distance and giving a very cold shoulder to students and the rest of his faculty.

Relations: He has no need for relations, Malin is an Ice King in every sense of the word. he doesn't even talk to his own sister.

Sexuality: Strait
Preferences: Sex? whats that? Malin has no need for a preferred woman. however If someone wanted to date Malin they need to survive his ice cold exterior and break the ice that surrounds his long dead heart.
Likes: the tears of students, coffee, schadenfreude, dodge ball, horror movies, and old B movies
Dislikes: people

Back Story:
History: their are many theories about how the P.E. teacher became the way he is. some say he sold his soul to the devil for his immense strength, others say that he is a litch using horrific necrotic arts to hold his form when he is really an undead monster in human clothing. the truth is Malin just dislikes most people.

growing up his sister Chandra was the family favorite. she was talented and smart and she was first. Malin was unplanned a financial drain and although his parents wouldn't admit it, a little disliked. He never really had many friends growing up and was the closet shut in. he spent his time reading in high school, and those years passed him by with only a hand full of happy memories.

College was when Malin broke out of his shell but by then it was too late to make any real friends. he had a poker group but that was about it. Over time Malin's heart just closed off the outside world that never played him any interest. His classes allow him to exert control that he normally wouldn't have. and that's why he lashes out at his students he just doesn't care about anyone but himself, because no one has ever really cared about him.


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Malin Nalar Empty Re: Malin Nalar

Post by Kyouya L. Koga on Sat Oct 15, 2011 3:45 am

Malin Nalar 1G7gu-approved
Kyouya L. Koga
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