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Post by Tamaki Strife on Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:49 pm

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Want some cake!

Tamaki woke up to a small light next to him. he must have left it on overnight. He grabbed the bunny that had fallen to the side of his bed. And began saying "How are you kama Chan.." Then rubbing his eyes. He was immediately awake when he opened a large cabinet next to his bed. And he pulled out a small mini cake with a strawberry. And began eating it. he also poured tea and drank some. As he finished he opened a cabinet and it had a letter from his brother

Make sure you brush your teeth Tamaki

Tamaki pulled out his toothbrush. But dropped it and began eating his cake again. On the next bite. He yelled. But it was only as loud as a whisper. "OW!!" he said. Feeling his left lip. A cavity was in his back Muller tooth!

Tamaki Strife
Tamaki Strife

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