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Akatsuka, Misaki

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Akatsuka, Misaki Empty Akatsuka, Misaki

Post by Misaki Akatsuka on Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:47 pm

Vital Statistics:

Name: Misaki Akatsuka
Age: 23 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Weight: 184 pounds
Appearance: Akatsuka, Misaki 133973

As seen in the picture above, Misaki has deep chocolate brown hair with milky chocolate hues. Standing 6'4 and weighing in at 184 pounds, that just goes to show that the guy has muscle. Believe it or not he can carrying all the books for his students when he passes them around which just tells you how tough he is. Misaki's skin tone is a normal smooth fairness with no blemishes or scars. Usually when he is teaching Science and Social Studies does he wear glasses and sometimes does he wear them in Gym but not all the time. The glasses make him rather professional and sometimes he even acts like it to ensure that his students can trust him.

Employment Qualities:
Regularity: Misaki Akatsuka is a definate hard worker which also means he tries to be on the school grounds as much as possible though some days he maybe late. Making up for loss time will he work his butt off to make up what he misses in that short time but do expect him to be in a bit of angry mood for he hates being late. This will change when things start carrying onward.
Position(s): Misaki is a teacher that teaches Social Studies, and the other little course he tries his hardest in is also Science.
Professionalism: Misaki acts very professional or he tries too. Sometimes he may not act it and that is only when he is in a bad mood. When in a bad mood does this drop just lightly but he will make it up in sure time or will try too.

Relations: Mother and Step Father. (Doesn't like his mother and father all that much, mainly his father.) Little step brother and step sister. (He loves his brother and sister.)

Sexuality: Bisexual. Misaki Akatsuka is a man of many needs especially for someone extremely special to him. Sometimes he is open with his sexuality and oftenly does he show it in public but that depends on his partner of choice. Also known to be jealous and professional with his partner of choice does this lead him to be a bit on the possessive side. Is he skilled in sex? That is something he will not speak about though the rumors back then when he was in high school back in the day said that he was very skilled as well as being someone rather 'interesting'.
Preferences: Professionally to Misaki and his preferences their are a ton of things he likes in both male and female parties. Though, these are the few that I will share with you that seem to be his all time favorite of his preferences.

Someone no matter the gender getting wet, Someone who knows how to cook, Someone who is a bit to cocky (Can't help but give them a hard time and tease them.), Someone who takes their punishment like a adult, Close contact with both genders (Someone clinging to him and or give him attention, Etc.), Hardworkers (Those that work hard to get his attention.), and cat lovers. Being known to be a cat person he actuallys wants someone similar to him to like cats as well.
These are his favorite professional likes.

The not so professional likes: Nicely shaped as well as bodied males and females. (Includes the works of eyes for males, breasts for females, and everything else evenly dispatched.) Likes semi-long hair on both males and females and also they have to be attractive in the face as well. This only means that he wants them to have his favorite color of eyes being that of a crisp blue or a very rarely seen eye color. Hair color it is between being a blonde or a brown headed person. Red heads are that bad in his book. Misaki also loves to tie their wrists together with a bond of somekind for that seems to be his thing.

Misaki Akatsuka's preferences are all determined on his looks at school for if he is wearing glasses then the professional preferences apply and if not then the not so professional apply. When you think about it he isn't all that picky and will strike on someone which will catch his eye being like that of a undercover predator.

Likes: Misaki loves to sight see and if he gets a chance he would do it for a long period of time. Also known to love to read and drink coffee it is something he likes to do when he isn't checking homework. Misaki also loves to shop around for things especially buying new clothes every 2 weeks. He also loves to walk on the beach and jog. When staying in class he loves to watch students try their hardest and when out of class will he go out and eat. Taking dates on his own and going to the library is something else that he likes to do. Cooking isn't all that bad either as well as browsing on his laptop. Misaki is a man that loves to do everything his way and if he has someone to spend it with then he may also spoil them and take them everywhere he goes. Plus he loves to edit things for he is a editor in a publishing company which seems to be a summer job that he loves to do it though it can be hard sometimes and being second in change of the summer job helps keep him busy until school starts back and then he can't help but love to come back to school and see his students work very hard everyday. Misaki is also thinking of getting a cat which he also can't help but get a little excited when going to the pound and trying to find the perfect pet for him. When you think about it he loves everything about life and can't help but say that he likes to do every little thing once.
Dislikes: Misaki hates it when students slack off, and he hates getting sick and missing school. That is something that is his pet peeve. Never does he like a student who talks back to him, he would never hit a student but if something happened which he could not control then he may come to lose his temper and do harm to someone or something. The something is what this is related too. He also can not stand mice or rats of any kind. He finds them very disgusting and he would never think of having one as a pet. Animals that are not considered domestic is something he doesn't like either. (Being snakes, skunks, raccoons, and birds. Something in that nature.) Misaki also hates it when some try to say they know it all which he knows that they are not perfect for himself is not all that perfect though he acts all professional. He knows their is no such thing as being perfect. Bullies, and kids who don't do work is also something he doesn't like. Editing is something he fancies though he hates the time when it gets busy and all that he does is lay his head at his desk and look like a zombie. This is the one thing he hates with editing.

Back Story:
History: Misaki Akatsuka was a man of ever knowing knowledge, that was only cause he went to the library everyday and he also went to college to get his diploma. During this time did he take on a contract of being in a Publishing Company for books of all kinds and working hard did it give him the second title in the company as well as a raise. Finishing up his classes to become a teacher was another great achievement. Going all over the world and practicing his skills as a teacher was something that made him smile and life and actually feel like he could do this. During the time of his enrollment in college did he think that he would not make such a great teacher but once he passed and got his diploma and everything then that lifted a ton of bricks off of his stress levels. Long ago when he was still high school did he have this urge to be a teacher, it wasn't cause he liked his teacher. He hated him with a passion. But he told his friends at the time that he will try his best and work hard in being a good teacher that is not only liked by all the students but also a teacher which can teach them the greater good of working hard and reaching your dreams. When he was a high school student some teaches said that he wasn't all that great and in a way, this was his way of getting revenge back at them. He went to another high school which is nothing like this kind of high school but he doesn't mind it only cause to him high school is all the same.

The rumors of him being a good lover and everything in school was true for it even went with him to college. Misaki has only slept with one person in his life and that was his greatest in the whole wide world best friend by the name of Rane. They both were freshman and they had a nice very strong connection, it was during this time did Misaki's real father got divorced by his mother and she remarried very quickly after that. When this happened was he depressed and actually thought of killing himself for he didn't like his step father. Rane was there for him every single day and night for he would often come over and spend the night. One thing led to another and before to long they began to date and do things that a actual couple would do. The first ever couple that were both male in his school at the time. Many people didn't like it including the teachers, news travels fast in the school and before to long the principle caught on and suspended them from the school for sometime for the school was going to let the parents take care of this which they did. Misaki at the time was very weak and fragile young man and Rane could see it especially when they walked home from school for they knew that their parents both knew about it. Rane's parents and Misaki's parents met with both boys in the room and as they agrued about the two of them dating did one thing lead to another. It was during that time that Misaki's parents decided to move away from where Rane and his family lived. As they began packing Misaki was devastated for he didn't want to leave and honestly Rane didn't either and during the packing and everything did Misaki see Rane one last time. Luckily his parents weren't around and they hugged eachother one last time and kissed.

"Misaki-kun?" said Rane as his hugged tightened.
"Hai?" replied Misaki who was clinging to the love of his life for dear life.
"Remember that dream that you had, keep it alive. For both of us!" Sobbed Rane as he kissed Misaki on the cheek.
"H-Hai, I will keep it alive. I love you, Rane-sama!" cried Misaki.

After all that saddness did they kiss one last time and Rane left and turned around when the family including Misaki got into the car about to follow the moving van. Misaki looked behind himself in the car and waved one last time to Rane who waved back and covered his mouth feeling completely horrible. That was the last time that Misaki saw Rane the first one who he truly loved.

Misaki remembered that heart breaking day and believe it or not they still keep in touch on the computer but they both knew that their love would never be allowed. Since that heartbreaking day did Misaki hate both of his parents and though this was way before his littler brother and his sisters time he knew better to not tell them about it. Upon reaching his goals and everything did he come here and apply for a job in hopes of starting a better life here but of course would he not forget Rane and the time that they both shared.
Misaki Akatsuka
Misaki Akatsuka

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Akatsuka, Misaki Empty Re: Akatsuka, Misaki

Post by Kyouya L. Koga on Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:16 am

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